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Thanks for stopping by. Links here to explore Doug's media and training work - contact  via if you wish to discuss potential projects, training or production.

Doug Lyon

Media Training and Production


Media background as a music journalist for Local BBC Radio - short audio feature.

Workshops - example of a radio workshop outcome, working with mental health client groups through CAMHS in East Sussex. This is intergenerational media advocacy.


Trainer philosophy - an audio interview with Doug whilst lead trainer  with Radio Regen in Manchester - part of a project that created an ongoing permanent license for a community radio station in Salford. Doug explains his teaching method and philosophy.


How I Like to Teach - three part TV studio interactive seminar with video students at Brighton Uni - this is how all classes/workshops are run - in circle time and fully interactive - these students were invited to ask me anything and the three videos here are a very good demonstration of how I work.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


Radio: broadcast examples of band interviews


Video production

Band promos:

Artist promos:

Film (trailer for "Eye-I"):


Video: interviews with Doug by video production students - partly initial research interviews  for academic production projects, and also the students are being trained in intervewing skills by practicing them here; this playlist highlights Doug's thoughts on multiple topics.


Extra radio work and music production

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