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Thanks for stopping by. Links here to explore Doug's media and training work - contact  via if you wish to discuss potential projects, training or production.

Doug Lyon

Media Training and Production


Media background as a music journalist for Local BBC Radio - short audio feature.

(the brief history of Doug as a media chap)

Workshops - example of a radio workshop outcome, working with mental health client groups through CAMHS in East Sussex. This is intergenerational media advocacy.

"After Thought" workshop radio show by young people for elders

"Mind The Gap" workshop radio show by elders for young people


Trainer philosophy - an audio interview with Doug whilst lead trainer  with Radio Regen in Manchester - part of a project that created an ongoing permanent license for a community radio station in Salford. Doug explains his teaching method and philosophy.

Doug's trainer/producer philosophy on Salford Community Radio


How I Like to Teach - three part TV studio interactive seminar with video students at Brighton Uni - this is how all classes/workshops are run - in circle time and fully interactive - these students were invited to ask me anything and the three videos here are a very good demonstration of how I work.

Part One: Intro and first round of questions (links below to jump to specific points)

Includes use of social media in teaching; mentoring, contact time and feedback; group dynamics including Belbin's theory; 'relaxed' teaching style; peer to peer learning in HE; three stages of teaching production practice; Dougagrams, and the 'lovely but useless' model; "why are so many production ideas so rubbish?"; the value of pre-production; the value of formative and summative feedback; being a facilitator rather than a teacher; the comfort zone model explained


Part Two: why I first decided to teach; the influence from martial arts in my style; role play and debating; getting students to respond/participate; the convex/concave model of critical thinking; having an unconventional teaching style including circle time and the talking stick principle


Part Three: the influence of the music industry on my teaching; teaching different production roles


Radio: broadcast examples of band interviews for Local BBC Radio

Peter Hook @ Glasto '87, Tony Wilson @ Glasto '87, The Orb '93, Swing Out Sister '86, The Ramones '86, ACR '87


Video production

Band promos: playlist of band videos by Dragonlionheart productions

Artist promos: supporting artists with promo videos

Film (short trailer for "Eye-I"):  "Eye-I" is a Lyon-he-art final piece for the MA in Digital Media Art at the University of Brighton 2012 Three questions: What are your thoughts about your own personality, your soul/spirit and how you felt being asked those questions. Here are the replies. Also available is a short documentary on the making of the main film, "In my mind's eye."


Interviews with Doug: (YouTube playlist) by my own video production students - partly initial research interviews  for academic production projects, and also the students are being trained in intervewing skills by practicing them here; this playlist highlights Doug's thoughts on multiple topics including animal representations in the media, authenticity and identity, gendered identities, male violence, linking memory and happiness, the value of a degree, how the name Dragonlionheart came about


Extra radio and music production examples including a two hour radio show with Peter Hook from Joy Division/New Order I produced and presented, on Salford Community Radio 2005 here on Mixcloud.

An archive of music and chat podcasts produced during lockdown 2020, and continued since are here also on Mixcloud. The Lyon's Den with daughter Becky Lyon, and Reservoir Doug with different guests, selecting tunes with a different theme each time.

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If you have any queries about media training workshops or wish to chat about anything else, please drop me a line and I'll get back to  you

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